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Why I'm Running

I am running for election to Congress as a Libertarian candidate in order to better serve the people of the 19th congressional district of Texas. My objective is to amplify the voices of constituents, build alliances, and be one of the few in Washington D.C. who genuinely advocate for their interests. Often, politicians impose their own agendas on the public, trying to create divisions. Instead, I strongly believe that it is essential for government officials to listen to the concerns of the people they represent and address the issues that directly affect their lives. This inevitably leads to encountering differing perspectives, which can lead to disagreements and potential animosity if not managed carefully.

My congressional campaign aims to promote inclusiveness, as I strive to truly understand your perspectives and prioritize the issues that matter most to you. I strongly encourage every resident of the district to engage with our movement and actively participate. Your concerns and proposed solutions have the power to shape this campaign and, when elected, potentially become law.

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