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Hello, my name is Bernard Johnson, and I have been living in Abilene, Texas for nearly twenty years. Before coming here, I had a successful career in the foodservice industry, where I worked as a corporate trainer and manager. Originally from Houston, I decided to move to Abilene in 2005 to attend McMurry University, where I graduated a few years later with a Bachelor's Degree in religion and political science. After completing my undergraduate studies, I pursued a Master's in Education with a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from Abilene Christian University. After obtaining my degree, I spent five years working in the healthcare and healthcare insurance sectors. Currently, I am employed in the field of public education, where I have been working for a similar duration.

I firmly believe that I have the ability to make a positive impact by uniting both the right and the left, creating a coalition that prioritizes you, the voter. Help me change the status quo.


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