The Issues

Policy Proposals:

1. Term limits: It is proposed that House Members should be restrained to a maximum of five two-year terms, and Senate Members should be limited to a maximum of two six-year terms.

2. Advocate for equal rights: The promotion and protection of equal rights for all citizens should be actively pursued.

3. Enhance accessibility to mental health services: Legislation should be enacted to ensure convenient access to mental health providers, thereby enhancing accessibility to mental health services.

4. Evaluate the efficacy of CAFTA-DR: The effectiveness of CAFTA-DR should be thoroughly evaluated, and efforts should be made to renegotiate with the objective of minimizing human trafficking and illegal entry.

5. Reconsider marijuana classification: A reevaluation of the categorization of marijuana under Schedule I should be undertaken.

6. Fiscal responsibility and corporate welfare: Government expenditure should be reduced, and the provision of financial aid to corporations should cease in order to demonstrate fiscal responsibility and eliminate corporate welfare.

7. Foster entrepreneurship: Bills should be introduced to actively support and encourage individual entrepreneurship, while simultaneously identifying and removing obstacles that hinder small business ownership.

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